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Biography of Newell Anderson


Biography of Newell Anderson



Born 1947, youngest child of Forrest & Evelyn Anderson in Helena. Older sisters Marge and Arlee.

Attended Helena Public Schools – graduated Helena High 1965

Attended and graduated Northern Montana College –BS Degree in History with teaching endorsement – 1970

Married Bonnie Porter (met at NMC in Havre) in 1971.

Moved to Glasgow, Montana, working in project management for AVCO Inc. – a military contractor on Glasgow Air Force Base.

1972 – 1975 Associate Director for Administrative Services for Mountain Plains Career Education Program. This six state regional program was one of four national career education models specializing in training under employed rural families.

1975 -1976 Administrator – Glasgow Air Force Base Community Health Center. Operated under contract with Programs Research Institute, this center was the main health care provider for over 3,000 residents living on the Base.

1976 Moved to Helena to contract with Montana International Trade Commission on its energy and economic development research projects.

1977 appointed as Senior Assistant to Governor Thomas Judge – with principle responsibilities for regional & national Governor’s Associations including the six state Old West Regional Commission. This Commission connected the Federal, State & Local Governments in a partnership for collaborative new economic development projects.

1980 – 1983 reappointed as senior assistant to Governor Ted Schwinden – serving the same capacities as with the previous administration.

1984 Ran unsuccessfully for State Auditor – a statewide executive branch office regulating insurance and securities activities in Montana.

1985 – 2003 Division Administrator – Montana Department of Commerce. This Division `was the principle conduit between the state government and local governments in such areas as community/economic development, low income housing, local infrastructure financing, local government accounting and auditing, land-use planning.

2004 Retired and have since devoted my time and energy to our family (son Forrest and daughter Kimberly), to my loving wife enjoying traveling Montana & the western U.S., to being a community volunteer with local civic groups, to working full time at being healthy & happy.

The following was submitted by Newell to a High School Reunion Booklet:

Newell “Burke” Anderson

Address: 1800 Gold Rush - Helena, MT

E-mail address:

Spouse: Bonnie J. (Porter) Anderson - married in 1971

Children: Forrest Anderson – Navy Pilot – Veteran ; Mechanical Engineer

Kimberly (Anderson) Krugman - Biomedical Engineer

Husband – Matt – Robotics Engineer

Children (Grandkids) Alex & Emma -

Education : After high school I ventured to UM-Missoula to acquire a higher education. In 5 quarters, I received a “terminal degree” in social education. Then after being drafted 3 times & rejected for medical reasons 3 times, I pondered going on to San Francisco California or NMC in Havre, MT. Havre won and I went on to get a History degree in Secondary Education. History majors had to be a “coach” – so I never taught. It’s OK!

Marriage & Family: I met Bonnie at NMC & we were married in 1971. Best choice I ever made. started a family – Forrest born in 1975 and Kimberly born in 1977. Our kids are the lights of our life – smart, athletic, engaged, happy and healthy. They will make the world a little better place. Kim’s kids, our grandkids, are a new & awesome chapter in our life.

Career: My “generalist history/education degree” served me well. My early career (8 years) included junior & senior management experiences in military contracting, private education administration, private community health care administration, energy development and international trade. I was never an expert in any of these fields but I believe I did add value to each of these experiences. I learned quickly and was so fortunate to come to each of these opportunities. Wanting 55 hour work weeks (instead of 85) and some stability to my world with a family, I joined state government in Helena and stayed there for the final 25 plus years of my career. I worked as an agency administrator, mostly in the areas of Commerce & Community Development. Helping low income families in employment & housing, helping Montana communities build affordable public facilities (infrastructure) and coordinating local, state and federal agencies to enduring and cost efficient community development were my professional challenges. In 2003, I decided it was someone else’s turn. Retirement was ready for me and I was ready for it! I believe I made a small difference and am proud and humbled by

my opportunities and contributions.

Some life memories: Attending the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago; elected student body president at NMC; wedding Ms. Bonnie Porter; catching a 50 lb. lake trout on Great Bear Lake in the N.W. Territories ; raising our two kids; the many wonderful friends & co-workers; rafting thru the Grand Canyon; sailing ( 6 days) on the USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier from Hawaii to San Diego ‘Tiger’ Cruise; 2 weeks touring Japan ; in retirement, Bonnie & I traveling Montana & the western U.S. in our pick-up camper for 2 months (early spring) each year for 8 years; Living thru and after a mechanical heart pump implant and pancreatic cancer surgery & chemo. Life still has much to challenge & reward us. I am looking forward to the future with positive energy.

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Fall 2015

Biography of Newell Anderson