NRDP’s Restoration Projects in Silver Bow County


Padraig Cunneen

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Spring 4-10-2019


20 years, dozens of projects and over $100 million invested into restoration projects in Silver Bow County. Padraig will summarize the efforts expended by the Montana Natural Resource Damage Program to restore, replace, or acquire the equivalent of the natural resources that were injured by the releases of hazardous substances from historic mining and smelting.

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Padraig Cunneen is a 4th generation Butte Irish kid. He graduated from Montana Tech with a BS in Petroleum Engineering and an MS in Environmental Engineering. He has worked over 30 years in various engineering roles for the Montana Power Company oil and gas division, ARCO, REC Silicon, Montana Resources and the State of Montana. For the past ten years he has worked for the Montana Department of Justice as an environmental science specialist for the Natural Resource Damage Program in Butte. He and his wife Christine are raising five 5th generation Butte rats.