The Social Dimensions of Ecological Restoration: Social Values and Restoration

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This talk considers the social values dimension of restoration ecology. All restoration projects assume and are motivated by a basic set of public/social values. Making these values explicit can go a long way in building public support for restoration projects. Answering the public's often asked question why restore? demands a consideration of values. Particular attention will be paid to the values underlying Butte’s Restore Our Creek vision and project.

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Dr. John Ray is a professor in the Liberal Studies Department at Montana Tech. Teaches courses in political science and public policy. Published and made conference presentations in the areas of global warming, Superfund, air and water pollution, energy policy and environmental policy with an emphasis on environmental justice. He is currently vice-chairperson of Citizens for Labor and Environmental Justice in Butte and a board member of the Citizens Technical Environmental Committee (CTEC), also in Butte. He served as board member and President of the Montana Environmental Information Center in Helena and on the Board of the Clark Fork Coalition in Missoula. Dr. Ray has also conducted workshops on environmental justice and community involvement for EPA national Community Involvement Conferences in Seattle and Boston.