Working with Beavers to Restore Streams, Wetlands, and Floodplains

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The Clark Fork Coalition is a non-profit organization that has been protecting and restoring the Clark Fork River basin since 1985 through three complementary strategies: by protecting clean water, restoring degraded waterways, and engaging people in the critical work of caring for their rivers. In this presentation, Florie will talk about how the Clark Fork Coalition has adopted methods to work with beaver as part of their restoration and ranch management programs.

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Florie Consolati is a Habitat Specialist at the Clark Fork Coalition in Missoula. She holds a master’s degree in Watershed Science (2016) from Utah State University, where she studied the use of beaver in stream restoration and their effect on stream channel complexity and thermal heterogeneity. Florie has been working in fisheries and stream restoration for 14 years, with experience in four states in the west.