Superfund 101: Broadcasting Perspectives and Looking for Solutions


Daniel Hogan

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The presentation will be an overview of the last year that Daniel has been producing Superfund 101 Radio Program. Throughout his research and interviews he has been able to identify different camps within the remediation and restoration process here in Butte as well as the differences and similarities between them.

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Daniel Hogan has been working in non-profit community radio for three years now as both a DJ and journalist. In July of 2017, himself and the general manager of KBMF created their first news hour made of entirely local content. Stories since then have covered a range of topics including historic preservation, parking garages, environmental cleanup, and oral histories. He hosts a weekly talk show called Superfund 101 where he has a twenty to thirty minute conversation with experts, activists, scientists and government officials about the remedy and restoration of land and people in this country's largest Superfund site. He also compiles a weekly wrap up of Butte-Silver Bow's council of commissioners regular meetings. All content for KBMF news is produced by citizen journalists, this creates a diverse and ever changing cast of characters, all of whom bring their own experience and questions.