Environmental Education in One of the Largest Superfund Sites in America

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How do you teach the next generation about Superfund, and its associated environmental damage and repair? How do you talk about the science of toxic waste effects on a local ecology and environment? How do you engage a community and their beliefs to encourage stewardship of the land? The Clark Fork Watershed Education Program (CFWEP) will describe how we do this work, our opportunities for improvement, as well as our approaches to tackle this complex issue within our watershed.

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As a field coordinator for CFWEP, Abby Peltomaa has the opportunity to work with people of all ages from Butte to Bonner to Helmville and across the world. Abby earned her Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences at Montana Tech. After Tech, she went onto the University of Montana where she earned her Master’s degree in wildlife disease ecology. Since then, she has worked with Montana Tech, Montana FWP, and Montana State University. Abby loves being able to help students learn about Butte, mining, Superfund, riparian habitats and all other topics relating to our superfund sites. Abby also has the opportunity to teach lab courses for the Biology department at Montana Tech.