Restoration of Fluvial Process on French Gulch & Moose Creek


Matt Barnes

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This talk will demonstrate the restoration on portions French and Moose Creek and how it supports the fisheries goals in the Mount Haggin WMA. The area was mined extensively resulting in large remnant tailings piles. That resulted in a confined French Creek without connection to a functioning floodplain and lack of fluvial complexity. Sinuosity of the existing stream was near 1.0 and the average floodprone width was less than 22’. At the Moose Creek site remnant mining impacts were less severe but still inhibited floodplain connection.

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Matt Barnes is a water resources project manager with Morrison Maierle. Experience in hydraulic and hydrologic design, natural resource management, stream geomorphology, stream restoration, and irrigation. This experience has been gained with his work on studies, technical reports, design, construction management, and coordination of permitting requirements. Matt is trained and experienced in assessment, design and implementation of projects that improve natural stream systems and irrigation systems. He has completed projects that utilize hard material stabilization where required and also regularly designs bio-engineering stabilization and restoration projects. Matt is from Missoula, and earned a BS in Civil Engineering from MSU.