The Dead Parrot’s Society Why the Parrot Tailings are Being Removed

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The State of Montana plans to remove the Parrot Smelter Tailings and underlying mine waste, located near the Civic Center in Butte, MT, beginning in the Summer of 2018. This talk focuses on the site history, summary of investigations to date, and an overview of the scientific rationale and consensus that led the State’s decision to make remove the Parrot Tailings.

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Nicholas J. Tucci is a senior geochemist with WET and has more the 12 years of experience working on mining impacted sites. He is a graduate of Montana Tech University, receiving his Master of Science Degree in Geochemistry with an Emphasis in Mine Waste Remediation. He has managed the technical direction of complex mine assessment projects and is a leader in the characterization and remediation of large, complex sites throughout the Western United States.