A short history of groundwater contamination and its effect on Silver Bow Creek – the tail end of the story. A hydrogeologist's perspective.


Joe Griffin

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Spring 3-25-2020


Over 100 years of mining and smelting in Butte, Montana has left a legacy of contaminated streams and groundwater that the Environmental Protection Agency began to address under the Superfund program in the late 1980s. The massive cleanup, which includes groundwater capture/treatment and stream restoration, has decreased copper concentrations in Silver Bow Creek by close to two orders of magnitude. As stream contamination has tailed off, scientists are using a unique temporal cumulative gain-loss analysis to locate reaches that are still affected by more subtle contaminated groundwater inflow.

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Hydrogeologist Joe Griffin has spent the last 30 years evaluating the upper Clark Fork Superfund complex, as a consultant to Atlantic Richfield, a project manager for Montana DEQ and now as a serious hobbyist.