Superfund progress on the Warm Springs Pond and Upper Clark Fork River

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Spring 3-4-2020


Superfund has been a constant presence in the Deer Lodge Valley over the past 30 years. What progress has been made at the Warm Springs Ponds and below? Allie Archer, Remedial Project Manager with the Environmental Protection Agency, along with Carl Hamming, Powell County Planner, will discuss progress and next steps for the Warm Springs Ponds and downstream sites located within the Clark Fork River Operable Unit.

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Allie Archer is the Remedial Project Manager for the Warm Springs Ponds operable units of the Silver Bow Creek/Butte Area Superfund Site for the Environment Protection Agency. She also works on four other Superfund Sites in Montana. Allie holds an MS in Environmental Engineering from Michigan Technological University and a BS in Biological Systems Engineering and MS in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from Kansas State University.

Carl Hamming has worked in Deer Lodge as the Powell County Planning Director since 2016. In addition to his planning duties, he serves as the floodplain administrator, GIS tech, and the superfund coordinator for the County. He is also a partner to numerous boards including the Conservation District, Watershed Restoration Coalition, USFS Tri-County RAC, and the County’s Parks & Trails committees. Carl received a MS in Geography from Montana State University.