Reclamation for Wildlife and Associated Problems

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Winter 2-26-2020


In his presentation Dr. Douglass will focus on the different aspects of successful wildlife restoration. He will also talk about how wildlife can enhance reclamation and restoration as well as how wildlife can create problems at these areas.

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Dr. Richard J. Douglass is a Professor Emeritus at Montana Tech. He started his research career as an undergraduate working on fisheries projects in Alaska and Mexico. He graduated with a BS in Zoology and an MS in Biology from the University of Utah. He completed a Ph.D. in Ecology at Montana State. After graduation, he worked as a professional ecologist for most of 10 years. He designed ecological monitoring projects for pipelines and mining projects in the Canadian and Alaskan arctic. He, later, created an ecological monitoring program for an oil shale project in Colorado. In January 1983 he joined the faculty of Montana Tech where he taught various courses until retirement. During that time he helped establish the BS program in Biology and co-developed, with Kriss Douglass, the Restoration program. During the 90s he initiated a major well-funded research program that is ongoing, on the ecology of deer mice and Hantavirus. He also collaborated on Hantavirus and red deer projects in Argentine Patagonia. Currently he is the editor of the Intermountain Journal of Sciences and serves on the Brucellosis and Chronic Wasting Disease committees for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.