Ospreys as Environmental Sentinels

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Winter 1-29-2020


Ospreys sit at the top of aquatic food chains, and so they are an ideal species to help us monitor the health of aquatic systems. For over 12 years, Erick Greene and his colleagues have been sampling the blood and feathers of Osprey chicks throughout the Clark Fork River basin and other watersheds. They designed this ecotoxicology study to track changes in contaminants before, during and after the restoration of the Upper Clark Fork Watershed. In this talk Erick will give an overview of what Ospreys tell us about the Clark Fork River.

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Erick Greene is a professor in the Division of Biological Sciences and in the Wildlife Biology Program at The University of Montana. He grew up in Quebec, Canada, with twin passions for music and nature. Erick and his family now call Montana home, having lived here for 30 years. He has studied Ospreys for over 40 years, and is still a huge fan of them!