Date of Award

Fall 10-1-1954

Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering


Metallurgical Engineering

First Advisor

Doctor F.A. Hames


The electrolytic zinc department of the Anaconda Reduction Works consists of five divisions, each responsible for one phase in the preparation of electrolytic zinc. These divisions are: (1) The zinc concentrator which produces a high-zinc, low-lead concentrate for further treatment at Anaconda, and a low-zinc, high-lead concentrate which is shipped to East Helena for further treatment. (2) The roasting division wherein the concentrate is roasted to oxides and sulfates. (3) The leaching division which (a) leaches the roasted concentrate to dissolve the zinc, and (b) purifies the leached solution. (4) The electrolytic division which produces pure zinc cathodes by electrowinning from the leach solution, and (5) The casting division wherein the zinc cathodes are remelted and cast into commercial shapes for sale.

Included in

Metallurgy Commons