John E. Blixt

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This paper marks an increased refinement and more detailed accuracy in the description of the geological features of the state. It includes the recent studies of mineral deposits, of oil structures, of the formations of bedded rocks and their included fossils, carried on both by the Federal and State governments and by various interested private persons, such as the mining companies. It is within this period that the Federal Government encouraged the U. S. Geological Survey in the publication of monographs on the National Parks, papers of great popular interest and educational value making these beautiful regions comprehensible in their geological features to the touring public.


Blixt won the 1931 Gaetzschmann Prize for this essay. Mortiz Ferdinand Gaetzschmann was a renowned professor, mining engineer, editor and library director at Germany's famed Freiberg Mining Academy, the world's first higher school of mining and metallurgy founded in 1765. Gaetzschmann's first essay on mine-masonry appeared in 1831 exactly 100 years before Blixt wrote this prize winner while a senior at Montana School of Mines.