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We evaluated the effects of a 6-week jump training program on 12 college basketball players using strength training programs. The Leg Press (LP) group participated in a strength program using the leg press, and the Power Clean group (PC) used the power clean exercise instead of the leg press. Both groups participated in a 6-week jump training program. Pre-program measurements recorded jump scores for one-foot take off and two-foot take offs. The LP group had an average pre-program vertical of 72.60 and 88.05 cm for the 2-foot and 1-foot take-off for an increase of about 1.7 cm. The PC group had an average post-program vertical of 76.2 cm for the 2-foot take-off for an increase of 3.6 cm, and 90.81 cm for the 1-foot take-off for an increase of about 2.75 cm. The comparison of average increases between the LP and PC groups was not significant for either the 2-foot or 1-foot take off.


Originally published in the Intermountain Journal of Sciences, Vol. 15, No. 4, 2009, pp. 54-57.